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Treating a toothache in Mastic

Mastic dentist

Mastic dentist

Treating a toothache will vary depending on the reason why you’re experiencing it to begin with. Fortunately, at Contemporary Dental Associates, our Mastic dentist take your toothache as the urgent matter that it is, and you will be seen in a timely manner to ensure the best possible outcome.

Your teeth are naturally well protected, with a barrier of enamel around them. It’s that barrier that keeps bacteria from getting inside and causing problems. However, tooth decay results in the formation of cavities, which in turn leave a path for bacteria. If you chip or crack a tooth, your enamel will also be breached, and the same risks apply. Your toothache is typically due to your nerve being exposed to air, food, liquids, etc. Prompt treatment is vital, because if bacteria does cause an infection in your pulp, right next to the nerve at the base of the tooth, the quotient of pain you experience can increase significantly. You may also notice sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, gum tenderness, or tooth discoloration. You should come in as soon as possible to have the tooth examined by our Mastic dentist. X-rays may also be helpful in diagnosing your toothache. Treating a cavity is a matter placing a filling. In much the same way, if an older filling becomes loose and falls out, our dentist will replace it with a new one. A chipped or cracked tooth is remedied with a crown to cover it and strengthen it. Impressions will be taken and sent off to the dental lab. You will be fitted with a temporary crown in the meantime. Infections require root canal, which has become a much more comfortable procedure thanks to advancement in technology.

The sooner you seek out our help, the less likely it will be that a small problem will become a bigger one. Call us right away to make an appointment with our Mastic dentist.

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