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Moriches NY Affordable Dental Care

Affordable dental care for all ages in Moriches NY

Moriches NY affordable dental care

Moriches NY affordable dental care

At our dental practice, we are happy to provide affordable dental care for patients of all ages. If you need dental care, but are concerned about how much it will cost, you should come to see us at Contemporary Dental Associates. We offer Moriches NY affordable dental care, without ever sacrificing our excellent quality treatment, and patient care.

At our dental practice, our number one concern is our patients’ comfort and safety. Even though we offer Moriches NY affordable dental care, our patients always know that they can always count on us to provide them with the very best dental care, using state-of-the-art equipment, and dental techniques. Our expert dentists are Dr. Dean Delle Donne and Dr. Anthony DeLio. Our dental practice has been offering the very finest dental care, for over 30 years, for patients in the Moriches and Manorville communities, and surrounding areas. We always make sure that we provide exemplary patient care for long-lasting results, and that our patients will also receive outstanding aesthetic results from their dental treatments. Our office is state-of-the-art, so patients can be assured that they will receive treatment using the most modern technology and dental techniques, to ensure the very best dental results. We also use the very finest dental anesthesia so our patients always remain comfortable during their dental procedures. Our dentists are happy to provide treatment for all members of the family, including exceptional pediatric dental care. Some of the procedures we commonly provide are: comprehensive dental exams to make sure that your entire mouth is remaining healthy; preventive dental care to help prevent dental cavities and the development of gum disease; porcelain restorations, including dental crowns and veneers to fix the appearance of teeth, or to strengthen teeth; dental implants to replace missing teeth; teeth bleaching and whitening; and treatment of sleep apnea.

For an appointment to come into our top-notch dental practice for Moriches NY affordable dental care, contact us today.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Moriches

Moriches sleep apnea dentist

sleep apnea treatment in Moriches

sleep apnea treatment in Moriches

During the day you may feel like you are so tired you can barely keep your eyes open and by the time you drag yourself through the door at home, it is all the energy you can manage to keep yourself awake through dinner. You force yourself to stay alert until what seems like a reasonable bed time and yet the next morning you simply do not feel rested. In fact, you may vaguely remember waking up or feeling startled in your sleep. Perhaps you have a headache or sore throat when you wake up feeling groggy and want to go back to bed. These can all be indications of the presence of sleep apnea. Contemporary Dental Associates provides sleep apnea treatment in Moriches so you can get the deep sleep and rest you need to fully enjoy your life when you are awake.

Though sleep apnea can have varying degrees of severity and causes, as an overview it is the experience you have when sleeping and are not able to breathe clearly and properly. You may wake gasping for air anywhere from just a few times a night to several times within an hour. Obstruction of the airway is a fairly common reason for this disorder and at Contemporary Dental Associates, we offer sleep apnea treatment in Moriches to offer relief of this troubling and potentially dangerous condition. We offer our patients an oral appliance which is worn while you are sleeping to maintain the constant flow of air across the tongue and to the back of the throat. We can provide additional information regarding the use of this appliance during an informative office visit and consultation which will allow you to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable about the use of this oral appliance.

To begin your sleep apnea treatment in Moriches, Contemporary Dental Associates we recommend contacting our knowledgeable professional staff at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment. We offer day, evening and Saturday office visits to accommodate your hectic schedule and look forward to speaking with you soon. Our friendly team can also address many of your new patient concerns regarding additional services we provide as well as confirm our acceptable of your insurance plan.

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