Tooth decay in Moriches

Tooth Decay in Moriches

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Treating tooth decay in Moriches

Tooth decay in Moriches
Tooth decay in Moriches

Tooth decay is damage that happens when bacteria in your mouth creates acids that eat away at the tooth. Tooth decay in Moriches can lead to a hole in the tooth (a cavity). If it’s left untreated, tooth decay will cause pain and will lead to worse dental problems such as an infection and tooth loss.

The treatment for tooth decay in Moriches will depend on the severity of the case. The earlier it’s treated, the simpler the treatment will be. Therefore, if you have any signs of tooth decay, you should make an appointment with a professional dentist like one of ours at Contemporary Dental Associates as soon as possible. This will help to prevent unpleasant and worse dental problems. If you catch tooth decay in the early stages; before a cavity has formed, it’s possible to stop tooth decay by brushing with a fluoride tooth paste and by getting fluoride treatments. However, if the decay has eaten through the tooth enamel, you will need one or more of the following more invasive treatments: a filling, a crown, a root canal or an extraction. If a cavity has formed, your dentist will need to repair it. After she removes the decay, she will fill the hole with material to restore it. However, if your tooth decay is severe and the tooth is badly damaged, your dentist may use a crown to replace part of the tooth. If the pulp is infected, a root canal will have to be performed to remove the diseased pulp. If the root of the tooth is severely damaged, an extraction may be necessary. The tooth may be replaced with a bridge or a dental implant.

If you have symptoms or signs of tooth decay in Moriches, don’t wait. Contact us right now so you can see the dentist as soon as possible.

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